Myoon – Story (2021)

Balancing on the precipice of light and dark, Myoon take on the end of toxic love through ‘Story’. A single all about liberation, it is both clear and obscure, much like the topic it is tackling. With a pulse of harshness, the track shoves you into an airy flow that leads you through the struggles of getting out of a toxic relationship and into the light that follows.

The push and pull of the single comes from the brothers behind the alternative sounds of Myoon. After two years of work, they have finally started unleashing their music on the world. The first track hit in 2020 and offered a jumping point into their musical world. Since then, they have been growing their audience and engaging anyone who listens.

‘Story’ pulses with a gentle light in the opening before you tumble into the toe-tapping beats. There is a clear layering to the melody with the gentle light of synths in the high levels while the deeper beats bring a touch of darkness to the single. The music drops for the chorus before picking up with the contrasting tones for the second verse. There are new melodic lines that join the movement while some sounds come through like the unlocking of a door. This is a wonderful sonic device that helps to bring the end of a toxic love through to listeners.

While the melody is a balancing act of light and dark, the vocals are a hazy wave that mists over you. The vocals are like rainbow refracted light that is bright but has the potential to dim at any time. In the chorus, there is a hit of pain that brings the negative edge of the single to light. Throughout the song, the lyrics continue the interplay of light and dark that starts in the melody. As the song progresses, you are drawn out of the darkness and pain of the toxic relationship and into the light of freedom. This is tempered by the pain of leaving someone you used to love and the realisation of what you are getting out of.

With a light touch, Myoon takes on toxic relationships and leads you to the light that comes after they end in ‘Story’. The melody contrasts light and dark while the vocals mist over you to bring the emotions of the single to life. The ebb and flow of light and dark in the single is masterfully handled and a joy to listen to.

Find out more about Myoon on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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