Nicky Moran – Gonna Turn (2021)

With inspiring messaging, Nicky Moran is encouraging us to change our lives and embrace hope, kindness and forgiveness in ‘Gonna Turn’. This is a message that many of us need to drop the chains of our old existence and fully take on the light of a new life or positive changes. Using a mixed country, folk and gospel sound, she touches your spirit in a way that pours her passion into your soul.

Since she was a young girl, Moran has wanted to sing and spent years learning and honing her musical skills. While hit with significant health issues, she encountered divine inspiration which infused her with hope, healing and light. Through her music, she looks to impart these feelings and help listeners find peace, purpose and passion in their own lives.

‘Gonna Turn’ has a wonderful country vibe to the melody. The beat has your foot tapping to it while your head has to bop along. While there is a really great country vibe, this is woven around a folk rock sound that comes through in the depths of the guitar lines. The piano adds a shimmy and sway to the music that makes you think of folk acts of old. You can hear the passion Moran has for what she does in the music is it works its way into your veins and sinks into your cells.

As you’re grooving to the earthy tones of the melody, her vocals grip your spirit and pull. Through her performance, you are filled with a sense of light and confidence that makes it possible to take on the changes you need in your life. There is a gospel element to the vocals, but this has been artfully threaded into the track to bolster the resilience of the human spirit. The confidence you get from listening to the track will have you ready to face the world and embrace any changes you need to make.

Nicky Moran uses the passion and power of her style to fill you with the confidence to change your life with ‘Gonna Turn’. There is a wonderful weaving of country, folk, rock and gospel in the melody that has you grooving to the sound. Her vocals bring the inspiration hit of the lyrics while sliding into your veins.

Find out more about Nicky Moran on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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