Of Shadows And Light – Universal Thing (2020)

The brainchild of singer-songwriter Angelo Pitone, Of Shadows And Light merges element of alternative rock and indie-rock in his unique new sound. Formed in 2018, the eclectic and innovative Pitone has been featured on several notable online media including Radio Wigwam, Lonely Oak Radio, RockIt, Indie Cool and YMX. With coverage across several countries, it is no surprise that this soulful singer is gaining a loyal following on a global scale. One of the more recent additions to his discography is ‘Universal Thing’ off his album Almost Prophetic Visions and Thoughts.

Dipping his vocal pen into several ink pots, Pitone showcases exceptional versatility with his debut album Almost Prophetic Visions and Thoughts. Ranging from the grunge ‘Awakening’ to blues-rock ‘Crossover’ and jazzy ‘Cold Shivers’; however, we are looking at ‘Universal Things’ in this review.

As with the album in full, ‘Universal Things’ showcases several genres in a simple four-minute track. Initially considered as a synth-laden pop single reminiscent of Muse and A-Ha, Pitone effortlessly transitions to an alternative rock style with pounding drums and powerful guitars. Yet, while the track crescendos into a dynamic rock-influenced style mid-song, Pitone’s vocals remain soulful, rich and warm throughout. Yes, they pick up a more Bon Jovi style in the latter half of ‘Universal Things’, but it is a seamless and smooth movement demonstrating originality, flexibility and originality.

“The song is about me and you. It’s about people and future generations. It’s time to make a move.” – Angelo Pitone on ‘Universal Things’

While the melody’s design can have you transfixed, it is Pitone’s vocals and lyricism that truly captivate me. Along with the fancy footwork of his overwhelming instrumentation, he showcases versatility in vocal execution as well. Incorporating a gruffness in the “rock part” with a falsetto that would make Roger Taylor proud, Pitone elegantly traverses the emotive melody. In fact, it is the outstanding vocals that add a lingering poignancy to this reflective and poetic track.

For more from from Of Shadows And Lights check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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