Pearl Diver – You Can Bring Your Darkness (2021)

Following their critically acclaimed project Art Theefe, Mat Sage (vocals and guitar), Josh Rigal (bass) and Joel Bassuk (drums) are forging ahead with a new group called Pearl Diver. Noting their influence as “sunshine after rain”, the Oxford-based trio began playing together in 2019. Already gaining a loyal following from their success as Art Theefe, the new project is making waves with their unique sound. We bring you their debut single ‘You Can Bring Your Darkness’.

Recorded across Wales, London and Oxford, ‘You Can Bring Your Darkness’ is a soothing swirl of sound. Following the uncertainty of existence in a pandemic, Pearl Diver’s soft serenade is truly welcome. Combining evocative guitars, steady drums and Sage’s dulcet vocals, ‘You Can Bring Your Darkness’ is a languid and enchanting single.

“This song explores what it might be like when we dare to bring all of ourselves in relationship to lovers, to friends or to family. All of the shadowy, dark and unlovable parts. To be fully wanted and welcome as we truly are.” – Pearl Diver on ‘You Can Bring Your Darkness’

While the melody is calm and flowing, it is Sage’s rich vocals that win my heart. Using a personal narrative, Sage engages with a listener in a laidback, chilled out way. Reflective and slightly nostalgic with a lingering sense of optimism, ‘You Can Bring Your Darkness’ is a serene sonic representation of the good in life. The incorporation of Sage’s daughters as backing vocals also adds a serene element to the track giving you goosebumps with their hushed “la la la”.

Serene and sophisticated with brutal honesty throughout, Pearl Diver effortlessly places you on a cloud drifting away to that happier place. I began the day slightly tense and frustrated, however, all that tension disappears when I listen to ‘You Can Bring Your Darkness’. It really is sunshine after rain.

Side note: Pearl Driver has released a music video for ‘You Can Bring Your Darkness’ that you can view HERE.

For more from Pearl Diver check out their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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