Pleeay – Call (2021)

We all have some insecurities, but there are some that are played on by other people in order to make a profit. This is something that Pleeay considers in their single ‘Call’ while laying the path to finding yourself. A soft confession from the view of an outsider, the single considers how we change ourselves to satisfy the ideals of others before helping us find our way back to who we really are.

This journey to find your true self comes from the commanding musical stylings of Castle Laws (vocalist) and Huli Curry (instrumentalist). Together, they draw on the elements of art pop, punk, and funk to create a new-wave sound that is entirely too captivating. Creating a place where you can dance in the face of your fears and embrace your emotions, the duo gives you a sonic safe haven to find your feet.

‘Call’ slowly builds popping beats that gently draw you into the single. The increasing volume of the melody has you riding the movement until you are completely under the band’s spell. There is a really hypnotic feeling to the opening tones that rise to shimmer in a cascade of glittering lights. There is a very interesting movement to the music that you can’t help but get engaged with. The avant-garde stylings are so unique but bolster the emotions of the track perfectly. it is truly genre-defying as there is a touch of funk mixing experimental beats that make you want to let loose and move as the music wills you.

Against this sonic backdrop are the vocals that bring a touch of Kate Bush to your ears. Through the performance, you are filled with the sense of being the odd person and the urge to change in order to fit in. When the music shimmers away, this urge changes into a resilience and push back against those who would prey on your insecurities and change you. As the song progresses, the lyrics fill you with a sense of acceptance of who you are and the knowledge that being different is not bad.

Pleeay pushes back at those who prey on insecurities while helping you accept who you really are in ‘Call’. The avant-garde movement of the melody is captivating in its uniqueness which enhances the messaging of the single. As the vocals strengthen your resolve and let you know that you are perfect as you are, the music brings a sonic representation of the beauty of things that are different.

Find out more about Pleeay on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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