Regina Fae – Song for the Broken Hearts (2020)

After a breakup, there is a moment when you look back on everything and accept what has happened. This moment has been perfectly captured by Regina Fae in her single ‘Song for the Broken Hearts’. Using her visual storytelling style and alt-folk tone, she takes you on a stream of consciousness.

The single is the third from her EP This Is What Poets Write About which included four songs exploring the stages of heartbreak. While classically trained on the violin, Fae taught herself the guitar which she uses to pluck at your heartstrings.

The opening of ‘Song for the Broken Hearts’ highlights Fae’s classical background with an orchestral build-up. There is a sadness within the notes, particularly the strings. When the guitar starts to come in, it has a flow to it that is more reassuring and has a sense of acceptance to it. It is a very lush melody with a lot of elements working together to form a plush layer below Fae’s vocals. It also has this wonderful drawing quality to it as it gently lulls you through the song.

As you rest on the melody, Fae’s folk vocals are heartbreaking in their honesty and raw emotion. She leads you through the poetic lyrics that use this wonderful imagery to weave a tapestry of emotions. While the lyrics start with a sadness over what has happened, by the end of the song there is a feeling that you can move on without confidence. The song has this great contemporary feeling and takes a different route to many other post-breakup songs.

The music video for ‘Song for the Broken Hearts’ is absolutely beautiful. The imagery captures the emotions of the track and the progression through the song. There is this feeling of looking back on the events of the relationship and finding closure by accepting what has happened. To denote the memories, the film has this sepia tone while the present has this bit of gloom that slowly goes away as the video progresses.

Regina Fae captures the moment when you accept the events leading to a breakup and prepare to move on in ‘Song for the Broken Hearts’. The single combines her classical knowledge with gentle folk tones for a lush arrangement. The music video is a visually beautiful creation that captures the emotions of the track.

Find out more about Regina Fae on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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