Rye Catchers – Anything (2021)

The ecstatic feeling of being madly in love is often hard to capture, but this is exactly what Rye Catchers have done. With their single ‘Anything’ featuring vocals by Ryan Whyte Maloney, they use fun retro tones to delve into a complex emotion that is as evasive as it is overwhelming. The sleek production of the single brings a nod to 90s pop while keeping its feet firmly in the modern pop scene.

The band, led by David McClintick Roberts, is an amalgamation of unique talents from across the world. The combination of styles and musicality is carefully crafted by Roberts for a back catalogue of music that defies genres. From EDM to chillhop and pop, the band has something for everyone and is only set to capture the ears of more people in the future.

‘Anything’ grabs your attention with the guitar and beats that bring a real retro vibe to the song. The single has a touch of Jamiroquai to the melody and vocals, but this is a light dusting of familiarity that rests on the contemporary vibes. As you twirl through the melody, each instrument adds a bounce and skipping dance to your senses. While the melody seems to be relatively simple, there are layers that form a trampoline of sound that you bounce off into the utter joy of the listening experience. Later in the track, there is a gentle guitar riff that soars through your brain like the golden thread of affection and love.

Maloney’s vocals bring being madly in love to life through his emotive performance. There is an ecstatic feeling of freefall resting in his vocals. This feeling is made colourful and vibrant by the lyrics that perfectly put everything you feel into a sophisticated flow. While awash with emotion, the vocals continue the bouncing fun vibes of the melody to make you want to move to the single. Everything comes together for a ridiculously catchy single that you can easily blare from your speakers at any time.

Rye Catchers with Ryan Whyte Maloney hit you with a mixture of retro and contemporary tones while falling into the all-encompassing feeling of being madly in love in ‘Anything’. There is a masterful feeling to the single as each element is carefully moulded and slots into place. The vocals are emotive while the lyrics put everything you think and feel into words that bounce off the vibrant melody.

Find out more about Rye Catchers on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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