RynoFish – Hot Summer Nights (2021)

RynoFish have captured the feeling of a carefree weekend that lingers with you for years in their single ‘Hot Summer Nights’. Written about a fun-filled weekend in 2012, the track is full of warmth and the excitement of the time. Bringing together a perfect storm of sun, fun and freedom, it wraps the feelings of the time around you in the best possible way.

This fun-filled single comes from Patrick Rynearson (vocals, guitar) and Jimmy Fisher (bass, drums). The duo met in middle school when they brought recordings of their music to show each other. Since then, they have been jamming together and is now ready to bring their modern take on some old school rock sounds.

The rolling guitar line that opens ‘Hot Summer Nights’ makes you think of warm days on the beach. There is a great summer vibe to the melody that eases into your veins and warms you from the inside out. The light crash of tones on the chorus is like the crashing of waves against the rocks. While warming you, the music also brings an excitement with it that makes you think of days spent having fun with friends. Every element of the melody brings a sense of fun with it whether outright or subtle.

The lyrics of the song are descriptive and relatable from the first word. This complements the emotive vocals from Rynearson. He calmly draws you into the story of summer nights before soaring on the chorus with the bliss of these days. His performance expresses everything that many people find hard to put into words about times that stick with them. As the song progresses, you are hit with a subtle yearning for things to remain and for everyone to live in this one moment forever. This is so relatable as we have all had a moment that we wish would last forever.

RynoFish fill you with warmth and a subtle yearning for a moment to last forever in ‘Hot Summer Nights’. There is a delightful summer vibe to the music while the lyrics are descriptive as they lead you into a weekend of carefree fun. The vocals are emotive as they fill you with the bliss of the weekend.

Find out more about RynoFish on their YouTube and Spotify.

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