SADGITTARIASS – Wednesday (2021)

There are a lot of pop love songs out there but not that many take on the rekindling of an on-again-off-again relationship. This is where SADGITTARIASS is different as that is exactly what her debut single ‘Wednesday’ is all about. With a heavy dose of hyper-pop, she playfully entices you into her soundscape while hitting you with warm and fuzzy feelings.

Having grown up surrounded by pop, she draws on inspiration from her favourite musicians while infusing her creative identity into the sound. She started making demos at 14 and has been obsessively writing lyrics whenever she can. With the pandemic giving her time to really consider the artist she wants to be, she is making a statement of intent through this single.

‘Wednesday’ sparkles and glitters with pop sensibilities from the first moment. There is a warm feeling to the lights that glint through the top levels of the melody that is perfectly matched with the depths of the beats. The electronic tones on the chorus have an interesting edge to them that creates a cotton candy dreamy feeling. This feeling wraps its way around the rest of the track as it continues bolstering the flow of emotions.

The brightness of the melody is an amazing accompaniment to the playful lyrics. As you fall into the lyrics, you can almost hear the little lift of a smile as SADGITTARIASS beckons you closer to her. There is a flirty edge to her performance that dances around the emotions she infuses into the lyrics. As you listen to her, she fills you with the sense that everything will be fine if you take the necessary steps into her hyper-pop paradise. The single has a real commercial edge to it but this is wrapped up in something that is rather unique.

SADGITTARIASS playfully flirts with you while beckoning you into her hyper-pop paradise soundscape through the bright tones of ‘Wednesday’. The cotton candy tones of the melody are light and fluffy as they pull you toward her vocals. As she playfully calls for a rekindling of a relationship, she fills you with warm and happy emotions.

Find out more about SADGITTARIASS on her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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