Samer – Patchwork Heart (2020)

Heartache and broken hearts are something that people face every day. If you need a song that will help you move on from this, ‘Patchwork Heart’ by Samer is what you are looking for. The single touches on heartbreak and the solace you can find when moving on. Using the imagery of mending a heart by patching it, you are taken on a journey of resolution.

This idea of patchwork mending is brought to sonic life using a dynamic melody. Samer uses his unique approach to guitar-driven music to thrust you into a soundscape that is full of energy and complex emotions. Through the journey of the single, you are filled with the sense that we all have unique and fixed up hearts.

‘Patchwork Heart’ hits you with an intense guitar line from the first second. The layers of guitar are interesting as the lower line has a darkness like heartbreak while the upper layer is a sense of resilience. Through the movement of the upper layer, you can feel the movement of overcoming the initial hurt of heartbreak and seeking something more positive. However, the lower level is still there hold you down and threatening to take over.

The movement of the music is a sonic journey through various emotions. This is a showcase of the prowess of Samer with a guitar as he uses the instrument alone to tell the tale of overcoming heartbreak. Through the melody, you feel the build-up of positivity as well as the setbacks you can face. It is a very emotive instrumental track that is really easy to listen to.

Samer takes you on an instrumental journey of mending your heart after it is broken in ‘Patchwork Heart’. This emotive single is able to invoke imagery through the use of guitar lines only. It is a true showcase of Samer’s musicality and what the instrument has to offer.

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