Sarah Reynolds – Covers Me (2020)

Artists generally put a bit of themselves into their music whether it is a personal experience or the words they wish they had said to someone. In her third solo single ‘Covers Me’, Sarah Reynolds has opened up and shares something of her faith. Whether you are religious or not, this moving meditation on faith will have you pausing and thinking.

Using her musical versatility, Reynolds delivers layers of melodic elements for an atmospheric soundscape. There are two versions of this single with one being a stripped back acoustic track while the other is full of atmospheric flows. Whichever you listen to, you will be swept away by the authenticity of the vocals and the depths of the music.

‘Covers Me’ draws you into the soft meditation on faith with a gentle piano line. The softness of the instrument puts you into a calm bubble that only becomes cosier as the song progresses. As more instruments are added to the melody, there is a gentle swell. This fills you with a light feeling while allowing you to float along with the atmospheric sounds. The melody is so soft, but there is also this light swelling that draws you further into the vocals and lyrics.

Reynolds’ vocals have this delicate honesty to them. Her voice is as soft and gentle as the melody as she draws you into the moments when you consider your faith. While the lyrics have a heavy Christian tilt, they are more a glimpse into Reynolds belief than her trying to tell you to believe. This is a very authentic look into how she feels and her faith while letting you consider faith in general.

Sarah Reynolds offers an open and gentle meditation on faith with her single ‘Covers Me’. The softness of the instrumentation creates an atmospheric soundscape that you can relax in. Her vocals lull you into a relaxed state as you pause and reflect on your own beliefs.

Find out more about Sarah Reynolds on her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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