Sick Of The Riot – Life Will Explode (2018)

sick of the riot band
Image courtesy of Sick of the Riot

Sick of the Riot is a two-piece alternative/punk/rock band from Birmingham, UK.  They are Chris Jones and Paul Brooks.  They’re releasing their EP, Life Will Explode, on October 26th.

The EP starts with the track ‘Interlude’, which is a short piece of just guitar riffs.  It’s nice, gentle and soothing.  ‘Best of Enemies’ begins with guitar riffs and a drum beat.  The vocals are amazing.  It’s about being enemies with someone, and always disagreeing with each other; never seeing eye-to-eye, and always being bitter to one another where there is a lot of jealousy.  It has a very catchy chorus.

The track ‘White Eyes’ starts with gentle guitar riffs.  A slow drum beat kicks in and the vocals are great.  It’s a slow, gentle rock song, but at 1:26 it gets quite heavy turning into an awesome hard rock song.  At 1:54 it slows down to the calm rock again – it’s a great song.

‘Can’t Underestimate Naptime’ starts with great guitar riffs and kicks into a heavy punk sound.  It sounds very much like The Sex Pistols – very fast, heavy and extremely catchy.  It’s a short song, but very great.  ‘Friends’ starts with a drum beat, and it has a hard rock/punk sound.  It has great vocals and guitar work, the bass line is strong, and it’s definitely very catchy.

The album is out on October 26th and is definitely worth a listen.  It’s heavy and very catchy.  For more Sick of the Riot, check out their Facebook, Twitter and SoundCloud.

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