Skyddsnätet – Miraklet (2020)

There are a lot of songs about relationships with most focusing on romantic ones. This is not the path Skyddsnätet have taken with their new single ‘Miraklet’. This track focuses on the cold relationship between a father and son. As they map out this relationship, you are left to wonder if they will ever talk again and if they do it will be a miracle or miraklet.

This look at familial relationships comes from Christoffer Englund (vocals, synths), Alexander Avelin (bass) and Erik Östholm (drums). While each member has a different musical style they prefer, together they meld their sound and draw on a range of influences to create a unique sound. This single takes a darker turn than their debut, but the Swedish band still hits all the right notes.

‘Miraklet’ draws you into the song with some grungy notes that have a slight twist of pop to them. The beat resting in the low levels of the track grabs you by the chest and pulls you into the sound. The melody has a few twists and turns as it takes an almost cold turn for the chorus. This is a great sonic representation of the message of the track.

The vocals are in Swedish, but their flow and emotional delivery transcend any language barriers. Englund’s performance is at times haunting before taking a darker turn and soaring through your soul. The chorus has this amazing vibe to it that is airy, dark and cold all at once. The change in the melody at this point combines with atmospheric vocals to sweep through you.

Skyddsnätet consider glacial relationships between fathers and sons in the atmospheric yet dark vibes of ‘Miraklet’. The single draws you in with grunge-pop tones before you are sent into the cold tundra of icy relations. While the lyrics are in Swedish, the performance sends you soaring and injects the emotions of the tracks into your veins.

Find out more about Skyddsnätet on their Instagram and Spotify.

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