Snakedoctors – Bubba Does (2021)

Love stories always have two sides and these sides don’t always match up perfectly. This is something that comes through in ‘Bubba Does’ by Snakedoctors. The classic rock track tells the two sides of a love story where one person is happy and the other is not. While the single started as a joke, it has developed into a tale that is all too relatable and easy to connect with.

This look into the two sides of love comes from four friends who started playing together as a band in 2020. Since then, they have released two albums and a string of singles which have charted on iTunes in Poland, the UK and the USA. Now, they are getting us all eager for their album Mellow Joy which takes them a step further into simple rock-n-roll.

The thrumming start of ‘Bubba Does’ has a vaguely surf feeling to it that warble into a steady rock-n-roll vibe. The low level of the melody is a steady march forward while the guitars add texture to the top line. While the steadiness of the music has you marching forward into the soundscape, the higher levels bring a touch of turbulent emotions. There is a feeling of change in the upper levels of the track that perfectly matches up with the flow of the lyrics. There is a guitar riff later that breaks up the sound of the upper level for a touch of classic rock.

As the melody steadily moves through your senses, the vocals bring the story of the track to life with an even pace. There is a touch of playfulness to the vocal performance that adds some nuance to the story. It is really engaging and the lyrics are well worth a good listen to. Through them, you are brought to the realisation that only one party in the relationship is happy and the other is feeling uncomfortable and unhappy. While incredibly engaging, there is a deep relatability to the single that makes it an absolute pleasure to listen to.

Snakedoctors brings the two sides of love to life with the rock tones, engaging story and deep relatability of ‘Bubba Does’. The music has a march to the low level that pulls you into the textured upper layers that enhance the emotional swings of the vocals. Through the vocal performance, you are drawn into the story and feel for both of the characters.

Find out more about Snakedoctors on their website, Instagram and Spotify.

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