Stephen James Orr ft Gisun & Anh Phung – Within You (2021)

Are you looking for a single that is all balmy summer evenings with jazzy undertones? Well, you have come to the right place because that is exactly what Stephen James Orr has to offer with ‘Within You’. A rather sophisticated pop song, it offers a simple message and the inner strength we all need while having you relaxing into the hot tones.

The single started out as Orr playing around with some neo-soul chords before everything spiralled into a full track. He pitched the track to Gisun and she immediately had an idea for the melody and harmonies. All that was left was to get Anh Phung on board for the flute and the single was completed in all its glory.

‘Within You’ has a delightful jazzy opening that is made perfect by the Phung’s flute. There is a really seaside feeling to the melody that makes you think of the sun setting over the water after an easy and carefree day. The shuffling beats add to the easy vibes of the music while the flute flutters around and trills with happiness. The melodic arrangement is wonderful as it is relaxing yet moves forward in the best possible way. You can easily sit back and relax while falling into the messaging of the track that comes through on the vocals and melody.

Gisun’s vocals are a soulful layer over the warmth of the melody. Her vocals are like a velvet ribbon that tease your senses while filling you with warmth. As you are relaxing into the easy melodics, the lyrics have you appreciating what you have while building inner strength. While the messaging of the track is relatively simple, it is something that most people need to hear and really pay attention to. The refreshing delivery of this message makes it easy to sink into and contemplate.

Stephen James Orr with the help of Gisun and Anh Phung have you sinking into warm melodics and soulful vocals through ‘Within You’. While the melody is relaxing and packed with outstanding flute notes, the vocals are soulful as they ebb you closer to understanding and inner strength. This is easily a single that you can have playing at any time for a bit of relaxation and warmth.

Find out more about Stephen James Orr on his Instagram and Spotify.

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