String Bone – Waitin’ For My Dyin’ Day (2021)

String Bone is back with another stirring and cutting single ‘Waitin’ for My Dyin’ Day’. Through the gothic mixture of folk and country, he tells the story of a mysterious character on the edge of their breaking point. Pulling them back is a kind word from a stranger or a stroke of good luck that moves them from bleakness to illumination.

The single is a wonderful continuation of String Bone’s journey through the crisscrossing tales of life and the downtrodden. With a smattering of blues and rock elements mixed with his signature Americana tone, he draws you into the shadows of the world. Drawing on a depth of experience gained over the years, he uses an effortless style to captivate you while getting you thinking about the deeper meanings of his songs.

‘Waitin’ for My Dyin’ Day’ has a wonderfully dark southern gothic style to the opening that is all grey colours and misty streets. The twangs of the guitars vibrate through you while the harmonica mourns through the mist. You can feel the blues touches slide into your veins while you are gripped by the urge to close your eyes and gently sway to the melody. There is an astounding depth to the melody that you don’t often get to hear.

While the melody is a masterpiece of gothic blues, the vocals are on a whole different level. There is an Americana edge to the blues-rock growls that scratches at the back of your brain wonderfully. Through the vocals, you are thrown into the story of the lyrics which brings a bleak picture to your mind. The chorus brings a bright light that chases the darkness away only for it to creep back through the next verse. As the song progresses, there is a plea woven into the vocals. There is an utterly delightful darkness to the song that wanders into some philosophical wonderings.

String Bone wanders through misty streets looking for light in the bleakness of reality with the Americana blues tones of ‘Waitin’ for My Dyin’ Day’. The melody vibrates through your soul making you want to close your eyes and give into the mists of the music. His vocals bring a hit of bluey folk with a touch of country that is an utter delight to listen to.

Find out more about String Bone on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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