Test Card Girl – Don’t Go (2021)

Test Card Girl had us lost in a cascade of sound with ‘If You’re Feeling Down’. She is now offering a reminder for everyone not to return to a bad situation or person with ‘Don’t Go’. The aptly titled single has you wanting to dance to summery tones while avoiding bad times and regrets.

With a blend of synth-pop and folk sensibilities, Catherine Burgess, the girl behind the card, offers a sassy and cool soundscape. The swirling instrumentation highlights the vocal arrangement while filling you with the power to move forward and not go back. If you need a boost or reminder to avoid going back to a bad situation, this is the single for you.

The opening of ‘Don’t Go’ is an interesting mixture of traditional folk tones and popping modern beats. These elements combine really well before the folk tones give way to a more folk-pop flow. The music makes you want to dance around to the notes like you are frolicking through a meadow. It is all bright lights, sunny days, long grass and flowers. The strings from the opening come back later in the track for a delightful richness that is like a late summer fair.

Burgess’ vocals are as fused between modern and traditional as the melody. The delivery of the lyrics has a folky bounce to them that is more traditional folk that easily flows in and out of more pop sensibilities. Her performance is smooth and soft easing you into the lyrics subject matter while offering a companion to walk down the path with. It is also ridiculously catchy making you want to sing along with her. The brightness of her vocals is life-affirming as you are filled with the power to move forward with a smile on your face.

Test Card Girl fills you with happiness and sunlight in the bright fusion tones of ‘Don’t Go’. Both the melody and vocals bring elements of traditional folk and modern folk-pop together for a delightful blend. The bounce to the single is captivating and helps lift your spirit while making you smile.

Find out more about Test Card Girl on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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