The 295 – The Fool (2020)

Later this year, The 295 is dropping their highly-anticipated debut EP. To get you into the vibe, they have released their signature track ‘The Fool’ for everyone to feast on. Since the band formed in 2019, they have never failed to get their fans moving when playing this single. Full of engaging melodies and sing-along lyrics, ‘The Fool’ will capture your heart.

This three-piece band was formed in the depths of west London. Consisting of Howard Gray (lead vocals, bass, guitar), Ryan Bulbeck (vocals, guitar, bass) and Luke Allen (drums), they have played some of London’s most famous indie venues. They were also going to play at the Isle of Wight Festival before it was cancelled, but are looking forward to getting back in front of crowds in the future.

A driving guitar and infectious drum opens ‘The Fool’ and grabs your attention. The melody makes you move to the beat and would be amazing to listen to live. The steady pace of the melody is wonderful and the interplay between the guitar and drums is subtle but utterly captivating. The crashing beats and pounding guitar later in the single rile you up before you are hit with this amazing guitar solo.

As the melody grips you, Gray’s vocals send you soaring. While his performance has a softer tone to the melody, it is no less enthralling. You are drawn into the lyrics and he makes you want to sing along. It is very easy to understand how this is the song that riles up the crowds when played live.

The 295 has you moving to the beat and singing along with their single ‘The Fool’. The song is an understated rock tune that you cannot stop listening to. With this being the taster for their upcoming EP, I can hardly wait to hear more.

Find out more about The 295 on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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