The Bow – Desire (2020)

People fall in love every day, but there are also a lot of couples who fall out of love. The journey of falling out of love with someone is the basis for ‘Desire’ by The Bow. Through a dreamy alt-pop soundscape, the band takes you on a creative and emotional journey. The raw vocals and pop melody draw you into the honest emotions of the couple.

Drawing on the sounds of Ed Sheeran, Muse and Coldplay, Rafael Sotomayor, Tomek Witiak and Robin Schwarzfeld create the perfect lead up to their debut album. With years of experience and having played in a band together before, the trio melds their musicality for an open musical experience.

The opening piano line of ‘Desire’ draws you into the sombre tone of the track. This beautiful opening is infused with sorrowful emotions which match the lyrics and the basis of the track. Leading up to the chorus, more layers are added to the melody to give the track a more pop push. This push propels you a bit more into a dreamy soundscape with swelling notes that add a gossamer layer over the song. Later, there is an interplay between the elements of the melody that offers you a dual perspective of falling out of love.

Sotomayor’s vocals add to the emotional hit of the track. His performance is smooth and packed full of emotions from sadness over the state of thing to an almost weary acceptance of what has happened. He effortlessly drags you into the feelings he infuses into each word and that are threaded into the melody.

The Bow take you on the emotional journey of falling out of love in their single ‘Desire’. The beautiful piano line throughout the song has a haunting sadness while the vocals are packed full of emotions.

Find out more about The Bow on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.  

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