The Consecutives – The Consecutives Vol 2 (2021)

The pandemic affected us all in very different ways and musicians were hit particularly hard. Without any access to gigs, they still felt the desire to play and make new music. This energy is something the modern funk band The Consecutives have captured in their EP The Consecutives Vol 2. Recorded in 4 hours with minimal rehearsal, the tracks offer an honest instrumental portrayal of life as an artist at the height of the pandemic.

As the EP was recorded in an extremely short amount of time, each track is the first recording that brings honesty to the music. While raw and packed with energy, the EP brings the fantastic sound of the band to life with splashes of traditional jazz meeting repeated funk and soul. Listening to the EP is a sure-fire way to get your feet tapping and head bopping while feeling the urge to turn up the volume.

The rolling drums of ‘Montana Slim’ open the EP in a fine fashion before the keys dance through your brain. There is no way that you can listen to this opening line and not feel the urge to at least tap your feet to the rhythm. When the guitar enters you can almost feel it singing against the drums. There is a really infectious energy to the music that has you closing your eyes and soaking the music up. Each instrument shines as they flow around each other and create a song that moves something deep in your soul. There is a rising in the keys before the really soulful guitar sings out with a blues soul that would make anyone listening a fan. The lively energy of the track is like a release that shines through the soundscape and unleashes pent-up energy.

‘Albion’ has a deeper start as the bass thrums through you and the drums carefully lead you into the track. There is a much jazzier blues feeling to the guitars as they enter and beckon you into the shadowy jazz clubs. The deeper feeling to this track is a wonderful change from the opening track and brings a seductive edge to the EP. The guitars have a sultry vibe to them as they slink through your ears while the keys are a gentle bubbling brook in the lower levels. There is an overall more chilled vibe to this track that is wonderful after the energy of the last. While this is the second-longest track on the EP, you would never guess as it captivates your senses and you flow through the soundscape.

The rolling paced drums that open ‘Singularity’ have your heart racing before the keys get you running down the soundscape. The high-octane energy of this track is full-on from the first moment and only builds the further you get into the song. The frenetic energy is really infectious and fills every space in your soul while getting you animated air drumming and playing air guitar. The crescendos woven throughout the track are amazing and fill you with bright energy that cannot be denied. This song is packed with the passion of the band as each instrument sears its way into your soul.

The EP comes to a close with the soul-rock tones of ‘Highway’ that closes the EP on an earthy and grounded note. The more subdued sound of this track is a great swing from the frenzy of the last but has you exiting the EP on a smooth note. While slower earthier, this track packs as much of a musical punch as the others. The instrumentation is allowed to shine in a very different way through this track with the soulful musicality of the band coming through. There is a definite story threaded into the arrangement, but what that is can be interpreted differently by each listener. Through all of this, there is a feeling of freedom laced into the notes that soars on the guitars and fills your spirit with a calm sense of carefree happiness.

The Consecutives weave a web of frenetic energy, chilled vibes, earthy tones and soulful slides into the track of The Consecutives Vol 2. Packed with the passion of the band, the different arrangements and movements of the tracks showcase each members musicality. While inundating your senses with the goodness of modern funk, that have you lost in a sea of sound that you never want to exit.

Find out more about The Consecutives on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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