Track of the Day: The Hell Beings – Scallywag

Entwining their unique hard-hitting sound with the powerful, well, power of AC/DC, The Hell Beings is a UK-based trio with a heavy-handed punch. Conceptual in their themes, the gruff tones of Mouldy Dianas, Sal North (bass) and Manraj Ghale (drums) justify their reputation as an engaging and overly enthusiastic trio. Described as “junk punks”, The Hell Beings are what it says on the tin: hell beings. Now, I don’t mean that in a bad way; in fact, they make hell sound appealing with their devilish music. We are happy to introduce you to the crew with their single ‘Skallywag’.

Released last year, ‘Skallywag’ is one of The Hell Beings’ older tracks but no less impactful. Recorded at Third Circle Recordings in East Sussex, the musical arrangement has a flow to the distorted punk-rock design. Simplistic punk, like a combination of Sex Pistols and Ramones, ‘Skallywag’ is rough, gritty and can be a sonic representation of the grimy stuff sitting in the corner of your pencil box. In fact, conceptually, it is an exposition of the grimy pencil box stuff in societal reality. The Hell Beings share that ‘Skallywag’ is “…a metaphor for our suffering before we begin to awaken, the numbers searched didn’t matter as they’re without consequences in dreams”

Pounding drums, dynamic guitars and a harsh set of pipes, ‘Skallywag’ has a darkness to it both musically and lyrically. Written in a stream of consciousness, there is a humanistic and personal element to the existential song; however, the mix of deathly sounds make one feel like you are lost in a swirl of ethereal music without any true anchor. As I said, the trio makes hell sound quite appealing, particularly with their single ‘Skallywag’.

For more from The Hell Beings check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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