The Sound Of Modesty – Warm Floors/Cold Bodies (2020)

If you are a fan of J-Rock, The Sound Of Modesty might just have created the single you need to showcase your love. ‘Warm Floors/Cold Bodies’ is a self-proclaimed love letter to the J-Rock genre. While offering this adulation, the single also muses about discovering your sense of self in a time of familial trauma. This is all done with catchy riffs and fun baselines.

The woman behind the sounds is Yvonne Han who started releasing music under this moniker in 2018. She uses her candid lyrics and unique musical takes to create engaging songs that cross different styles. You can find electronic metal elements blended with avant-garde in the soundscapes of her music.

The rock elements of her music is clear from the first note of ‘Warm Floors/Cold Bodies’. There is a driving beat to this song that makes you want to jump about. The guitars crash through you before leading to lighter riffs that give you a moment to breathe. The fast pace of the beat drives you through the track but does not pick the pace up to the point where the vocals are lost.

Han’s vocals are upbeat as she tries to distract you from the bleakness of reality. You can hear the influences of J-Rock in the song, but it is not overpowering. There is something unique about this song that makes it a pleasure to listen to. The entire performance is fun to listen to and you can easily have it blaring at any time.

‘Warm Floors/Cold Bodies’ is a more uplifting and upbeat single from The Sound Of Modesty than the title makes you think. The song uses elements of J-Rock, hard rock and prog-rock to get you moving and distracted from reality.

Find out more about The Sound Of Modesty on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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