The Super Late Night – Even If I’m Right (2021)

Ranging from pop-punk to indie-rock and alternative pop, The Super Late Night (TSLN) is breaking boundaries with his unique music. Hailing from Manchester, the UK-based singer-songwriter delicately melds indie-pop guitars with heartwarming vocals. Despite having only a few tracks to his name, TSLN has featured on FV Music Blog, Talk About Pop Music, Chalkpit Records, It’s All Indie and several radio stations (including XS MCR and BBC Radio 1). The latest from this mind-blowingly talented artist is the single ‘Even If I’m Right’.

Already making a dent in the music scene on an international level, The Super Late Night effortlessly captivates any audience with his heartfelt melodies. Following his well-received upbeat song ‘Mess’, TSLN adopts a softer, sadder tone in ‘Even If I’m Right’. As with his other singles, TSLN expertly encapsulates vulnerability in the melody; however, this new single is far more fragile with a harmonic intimacy throughout the track.

Known for his production skills, TSLN layers electronic instrumentation with raw vocals throwing you into a hazy swirl of sound. While the melody is breath-taking, it is TSLN’s sincere voice that really stirs the soul. A poignant exposition of the human spirit, ‘Even If I’m Right’ delves into the gritty side of life with melancholic nostalgia.

“‘Even If I’m Right’ is one of the realest, straight from the heart pieces of music I’ve ever written. It takes me to a very significant moment in my life. It’s all about fighting with loved ones, stubbornness, and the grey area between solutions, conclusions and compromises. The hook is purposefully tongue-in-cheek because that space exists for everyone, but overall it’s about choosing to be empathetic over being correct.” – The Super Late Night on ‘Even If I’m Right’

‘Even If I’m Right’ does have an insightful innocence flowing through the soothing track; however, there is a forcefulness sitting behind the muted melody. They say silence can be deafening and ‘Even If I’m Right’ finds the balance between aggression and soulfulness in this emo ballad.

For more from The Super Late Night check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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