Track of the Day: Tori Boltwood – Cry Baby

Bringing together the sounds of Lana Del Rey and Adele, but with the attitude of Elvis Presley, Tori Boltwood has a unique, obscure and intriguing sound. The US-based singer-songwriter opened herself to performing arts at a young age doing Musical Theatre at school, which led to her studying Musical Theatre at college. Since releasing music in 2020, or at least according to Spotify, Boltwood has featured in YMX, Less Than 1000 Followers, iHeart Radio and several other online radio stations/playlists. We have the honour of introducing you to this US-based artist with her single ‘Cry Baby’.

Of the four songs I have heard from Tori Boltwood, I have one conclusion: this girl is completely original. Innovative and versatile, Boltwood has a diverse sound moving from contemporary pop to jazz meets soul styles; however, ‘Cry Baby’ encompasses a gospel-esque vibe to her genre-defying sound.

Slow, smooth and steady, the acoustic-inspired track immediately plunges you into a swirl of sound. Combining the flow of the piano with her rich vocals, Boltwood adds an innocence to the contemporary track; however, it does not dwell on a sense of melancholy. Yes, the opening of ‘Cry Baby’ has a dulcet tone with the intention of being a sad ballad but this is not the case.

Showcasing her eclecticism, Boltwood’s track traverses several genres and paces with a crescendo into a “happier sounding” melody. Add the gospel choir at the end and you have something in the lines of Josh Groban’s collaborative single ‘You Raise Me Up’. Finding the delicate balance between delicate wistfulness and hard-hitting enthusiasm, Boltwood’s ‘Cry Baby’ is an elegant exploration of human fragility but with an empowering twist. I love this and will definitely have her songs on my personal playlist.

“‘Cry Baby’ was a therapeutic song for us to write. It was based on the lifelong battle with excepting how emotional I am. It’s about taking that reality and making it a badge of strength not weakness.” – Toni Boltwood on ‘Cry Baby’

For more from Tori Boltwood check out her Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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