Track of the Day: SPINN – Outside of the Blue

For a band coming out of Liverpool, there are often expectations that it will rely on conjuring a great melody line, vocal harmonies and jangly guitars to boot.  You can call it great pop-rock, Britpop or whatever. Something that sounds good, no matter what you call it. Of course, there are some extremely large shoes to fill there and The Beatles are only the starting (and the greatest point), you can add to the list artists like The Shack or La’s to name just two. For that reason, many of the Liverpool artists shy away from that style of music, sometimes because they are wary of too big expectations. Yet Liverpool’s SPINN (Johnny Quinn and his bandmates) seem to have decided to take on Liverpool’s melodic rock challenge head-on and the title song, taken from their forthcoming album Outside Of The Blue, proves it.

On this track, frontman Johnny Quinn, Luke Brickett on guitar, Sean McLachlan on bass and Louis O’Reilly on drums, pick things up exactly where The Shack and La’s left things off back in the late eighties. A great melody, excellent multi-layered vocals and harmonies and obligatory, brilliant jangly guitars that can keep chiming on all day long (as you put this song on repeat). Quinn shares, “‘Outside Of The Blue’ is about battling anxiety and periods of depression; coupled with the redeeming powers of love and how it can help you get out of that sort of “blue” world you find yourself living in sometimes. It’s about how appreciative you become of the good things in life when you realise you have them – and how you’d do anything for that.”

If this title song is anything to go by, SPINN’s forthcoming album is certainly something to look forward to. And then, looking at ‘Stargazing’, another song from the upcoming album, we just might be gazing at some truly new pop stars, again coming from Liverpool.

For more from SPINN check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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