Trish Discord – Strife (2021)

The political situation in the world over the last few years can easily make you lose hope. Trish Discord is here to give you the much needed boost that you need to overcome any unfavourable situations with ‘Strife’. Drawing on her own struggles in 2016 trying to get a visa in Brexit Britain before heading back to the US in the middle of the elections there, she offers a creative way of addressing politics and democratic values.

With unapologetic passion, she tears down barriers and inspires listeners through her authentic and hopeful messaging. Her music focuses on creative diverse sounds with a unique feeling and this single is just one example of her success. An exciting combination of catchy hooks, soulful vocals and forward-thinking lyrics, the single keeps you engaged from start to finish.

‘Strife’ sets a contemplating vibe from the first guitar tone. There is a really epic feeling to the music that has your mind reaching out into the ether. As the layers of the melody build, you are drawn further and further under Discord’s spell. There is a touch of electronic mixed into the alternative rock core of the track. This helps to bolster the vocals and the messaging of the lyrics.

The melody offers an amazing depth of passion that grabs you and pulls, but it is the vocals that really hook you. Through each word, you can hear the passion Discord has for what she does and the unapologetic approach to the political situation of the world. As the lyrics take on the political sphere, there is a hint of ambiguity that allows you to connect the emotions they invoke to a range of situations and experiences. The vocals bring a raw authenticity to the single that is enhanced by the electronic edge they get at times.

Through the thoughtful lyrics of ‘Strife’, Trish Discord turns political questioning, passion and pain into an engaging single. Every element of the track adds to the passion that shines through the single and gets you further hooked to her sound. With an unapologetic authenticity, she gets you thinking about the world around us.

Find out more about Trish Discord on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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