Twist Helix – Vultures (2020)

Twist Helix is taking on the darker side of the music industry with their new single ‘Vultures’. The single specifically deals with the people in the industry who resemble predators and scavengers in relation to the artists. Using a scathing attack full of synth-punk energy, they highlight the vulnerable position of artists and how they are preyed on by the vultures.

Bea Garcia (vocals, synths), James Walker (drums) and Matthew Barron (bass) combine their explosive sound with intelligent and reflective lyrics. The band also infuses a sense of self-awareness into their music while drawing you into their signature sound. Filled with attacks and subtext, this single captivates you from start to finish.

‘Vultures’ uses an explosion of synths and driving beats to get you into the vibe of the song. There is a fierce energy to the melody that has this undertone of aggression. The beats have a relentless pace that pounds through you as you listen. There are also high trilling notes that add this great upper layer to the rich melody. The flow of the synths has you moving to the beats. Later in the song, the melody takes a darker turn with thumping notes that match the aggression of the vocals.

Garcia’s vocals have a captivating tone that draws you into the lyrics. Her performance ranges from pulsing with the melody to a soaring melodic line. The lyrics of the track are interesting as they set the scene of where you find the vultures of the industry. However, the lyrics can also be taken in a different way through the subtle subtext of feminism lurking in the music.

Twist Helix takes on the darker side of the music industry with their explosive single ‘Vultures’. The track is a crash of synths and aggression with Garcia’s vocals draped over. The lyrics of the song are interesting as they can be taken in different ways.

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