UnderwaterSun – Girl I Never Knew (2021)

Teenage romances are tricky things that sometimes fizzle out before they even begin. UnderwaterSun has taken his personal experience of a shy teenage holiday romance and turned it into the mellow ‘Girl I Never Knew’. While touching on the romance that never really began, he delves into insecurities and regrets felt while growing up.

Through the chilled vibes of the track, he takes listeners on a reflective journey that considers how people desire being in love because they think it will fix everything. As his debut single, the track embraces the DIY bedroom pop aesthetic while highlighting his experience as a guitarist. Currently studying Professional Musicianship, his sound is still evolving and being honed but the pureness of his love for music is already clear to see.

‘Girl I Never Knew’ brings the chilled vibes of a summer holiday to your ears with the first twanging tone. Through the guitar line, you are thrown back in time to a youthful holiday spent in the sun. The chilled melodics get a surf boost as the chorus hits. The beats have you swaying to their rhythm while the nostalgic vibes of the guitar make you smile. The whistling after the chorus is really great as it brings an authentic and honest feeling to the music. You can easily place yourself in the vibes of the track.

The mellow feeling of the melody carries over to the vocals and the tapestry that the lyrics weave. Through the first verse, you are sent into the insecurity and awkwardness of teenage years and first crushes or romances. You can almost feel the nervous energy creeping up your spine as you clearly see the images of the lyrics in your mind. While the vocals and lyrics focus on the romance that never was, you can tell there is a deeper message to the track. This has been very artfully woven into the story of the track and the reflections that come later.

UnderwaterSun has you feeling the anxiety and insecurity of youth while contemplating something much deeper with ‘Girl I Never Knew’. With a mellow vibe, the track throws you back in time to summer romances that never really happen. The vocals carry the vulnerability of youth while delving into the contemplations and understanding that comes much later in life.

Find out more about UnderwaterSun on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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