Uni – The Mountain Inside (2021)

With her debut EP The Mountain Inside, Uni is pouring out an intimate journey that draws on personal experiences. Each track offers a step in the inner journey of discovery and a stepping stone on the path to wholeness within oneself. Inspired by the struggles in her own journey, she sends healing energy into the world and lays the rich foundations for inner peace to grow.

The EP is not only a dip into her personal journey, but it is also the culmination of it. While Christina Borenstadt, the woman behind the music, started hearing melodies in her head as a child and writing them on guitar at 15, she never shared them with others. After teaching herself music production, she released her first single in 2019 after completing her journey to inner happiness and overcoming her struggle with crippled self-esteem.

The EP starts with her debut release ‘Loving in the Distance’ which draws on wanting to connect with someone who is close but emotionally unavailable. The beats that open the track have your foot tapping to them before the wide expanse of the soundscape takes over. There is a touch of psychedelic dream pop to the movement that is grounded with a splash of folk. Uni’s vocals are a tender line that yearns for a connection that can never be. Her vocals are raw as she lays her emotions on the line and pleas for them to be returned. She has perfectly captured the overwhelming feeling of unrequited love through the sound of this track.

‘Burn’ steps into the limelight with the soft synths that beckon you into the soundscape. There is a late-night feeling to her vocals as they reach out into the dark. While the melody has you thinking this is a melancholic track, the vocals tell a very different story. A wash of transformations and a rising from the ashes, the lyrics have you rising from bad experiences stronger than before. Uni’s vocals swirl with the thoughts of the track before taking you on the journey of transformation and leaves you feeling stronger for the journey.

The vibrating opening tones of ‘Blind Guide’ shimmer into a wonderful melody. There is a delightful movement to the melody of this track as it weaves through different feelings. At times, it swells with the warmth of a guiding light only to lose its way with a jangle of skipping tones. Through all of this, Uni’s vocals point you in the guide’s direction only to caution against endlessly searching for it. There is a very deep message woven into this track that is somewhat open to interpretation depending on the mindset of the listener.

‘To Find You’ rolls through your senses with the opening piano line before the shuffling beats hit. The deeper beats pound into your chest as the instrumentation layers over itself to create a rich soundscape. Each melodic layer shines on its own while coming together for a moving sound. This is a rich foundation that Uni’s vocals rest on as she pulls you into the rather intimate tale of the lyrics. Her vocals have a soft plea woven into them as she calls for the strength to get through the tough times and see the good. There are whispered backing vocals that add an interesting texture to the track.

The EP comes to a close with the popping tones of ‘Hold Me’. There is a slightly retro vibe to the opening of the track before you are dropped into a slightly spacey and dream soundscape. There is a delicate touch to the melody that lets the vocals really shine. The honesty and raw pouring of emotion in the vocals capture your heart and tugs on your emotions. The lyrics are interesting as they can be taken in two ways depending on how you view the single. On one hand, they can be a call for someone to love you but, on the other, they can be the inner call to love yourself. This duality of meaning is wonderful and adds to the musicality of Uni.

Uni takes you on a journey of self-love and inner discovery through the moving tracks of The Mountain Inside. Each song tugs at your emotions but hits a different part of the journey. There is a raw and intimate feeling to each track that comes together for the journey as a whole and leaves you feeling awash with emotion.

Find out more about Uni on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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