Viscula – Alien Milk (2020)

Formed in 2018, Viscula is a talented London-based trio building a reputation for engaging innovativeness. Fusing elements of post-punk, gothic rock and indie-rock, Ukrainian songwriter Vitalii Malyshko, English vocalist John Lazarus and English bassist Lex Giggs are making their eclectic mark on the London scene. While Viscula regularly performs in London clubs, they remain a relative newbie amidst more well-known peers when it comes to released material. The group released their first single ‘Just Go’ in 2019 and recently added their second track ‘Alien Milk’ to the growing discography.

Take a dash of REM and add it to a mixture of The Smiths and The Cure, then you should have Viscula’s ‘Alien Milk’. Recorded in Kent’s Squarehead Studio with producer Rob Wilks (The Kooks and Foals), this follow-up to the well-received debut ‘Just Go’ is captivating and super-cool.

Sonically, the tune is steady and smooth with a dynamic bassline drifting throughout the hypnotic melody. Even if you did not add Lazarus’ sultry vocals, this track will be well-placed in a smoke-filled, dimly lit jazz bar. When you accompany the simple instrumentation with Lazarus’ sultry vocals, the single becomes more intriguing and very sexy.

Brusque, amusing and beguiling, ‘Alien Milk’ could be considered that creepy leering guy at the club door. However, the delicate mingling of a seductive melody with provocative vocals makes ‘Alien Milk’ the anthem for the charismatic and irresistible guy giving you that ‘come-hither’ look from across the room. Seriously, how can you resist?

For more from Viscula, check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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