Warren Thomas Fenzi – If I Had A Dime (2021)

Since 2019, Warren Thomas Fenzi has been layering engaging lyricism atop heartwarming melodies. Hailing from the USA, this Arizona-based multi-instrumentalist is exploring the grittiness of life with charming elegance. Featured by It’s All Indie, Where The Music Meets and Gig Goer (amongst others), Fenzi is reaching an international audience. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed repertoire is ‘If I Had A Dime’.

The first track of Fenzi’s upcoming dual-album Garden Street, ‘If I Had A Dime’ fuses elements of indie-rock and alternative rock with folk undertones. Introspective in all his music, Fenzi focuses on troubled relationships in this new track. With his personal stream-of-conscious narrative, he pulls you into an emotional river with turbulent swirls of sound. Yet, while there is a brusqueness to the melody, ‘If I Had A Dime’ has a flowing harmony.

With a slight reminiscence of Bob Dylan and Willie Nelson, Fenzi evokes an intimate intensity in ‘If I Had A Dime’. The rich, robust vocals add warmth to the charming song; however, there is a lingering melancholy with a haunting essence. All in all, I really love the track. Engaging, entertaining and endearing, Warren Thomas Fenzi effortlessly ensnares your senses with his sound.

For more from Warren Thomas Fenzi, check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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