Workman Song – Butterfly (2020)

Frustration has been rife over the last year and Workman Song has turned a spontaneous fit of anger into a catchy single. His single ‘Butterfly’ offers a sense of pent-up frustration wrapped in a metaphor-based on the life of a butterfly. Using the process of butterflies emerging from cocoons, he brings a sense of hope and optimism for the future. As the butterfly emerges, so will we emerge from the dark emotions of the last year.

This airing of frustration comes from singer-songwriter Sean McMahon. Drawing on old school styles including Lennon, McCartney and Leon Russel, he skips across genres in search of the perfect song. Through the metaphors of the single, he shrugs off 2020 and faces the new year with hope and positivity.

‘Butterfly’ has a wonderful folk-rock opening with gently strummed guitars. The drums come in softly below the guitar and are joined by a light piano line. The folky melody gets a boost with some power pop tones that filter through. The burst of power pop has a serious Beatles feeling to it but it is beautifully wrapped in twinkling tones and swelling organs. There is a beautiful flow to the melody as you float for the verses before breaking free on the chorus as you take off into the air like a newly emerged butterfly.

McMahon’s vocals bring an edge of Americana to the proceedings with a smooth country edge. There is a delightful old-school vibe to his voice that enhances the poetic metaphors of the lyrics. The chorus is super catchy as it captures the metaphor and your feelings of the last year in lyrics that you want to sing along to. Through his easy performance and catchy lyrics, you are filled with his sense of hope for the coming year.

Workman Song uses the metaphor of a butterfly leaving a cocoon to capture the shedding of the negatives of last year and meeting the new year with hope in ‘Butterfly’. The easy melody has a folk foundation with a touch of power pop and Americana. McMahon’s vocals continue the gentle flow while getting you hooked to the catchy lyrics.

Find out more about Workman Song on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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