1 Supernova – Neverafter (2021)

1 Supernova are using their debut EP Neverafter to explore the emotions and struggles that most of us have been through. Through the tracks of the concept EP, they work through a heart-breaking breakup, and flow into the aftermath where you can shore up your emotions. Each track is another step in the journey from the initial breakup to understanding that this is the best thing to have happened.

This journey through a concept comes from Tom Sucigan (vocals), Chris Frycki (guitar), Nick Pulssinelli (bass) and Jaren Sucigan (drums). The band started working together after they were backing a local pop artist who moved to Nashville, resulting in Tom asking whether they wanted to rock out and move away from pop. Since then, they have been working hard on their music, pulling different elements of rock together for their sound.

The EP opens with the end of a relationship in the aptly named track ‘The End’. The track grabs your attention with a warping tone that leads you to the hard rock guitars. There is an addictive feeling to the music that has your head bopping to the flow as the guitars twirl around you. The vocals bring a darker edge to the track as they growl from the depths. You can feel the pain of heartbreak through the performance, while the backing vocals run up the back of your neck. Woven into the heartbreak is a question of whether this is really the end of the relationship, and the disbelief that this has happened. It is a track you can easily relate to, that perfectly sets the tone for the rest of the concept EP.

‘Undead’ pulls you into the mixed emotions that come after a breakup. The rising guitar line has a classic rock sound that seems to come at you from a distance. The crash of tones that follows is all hard rock and punches its way into your chest. The spiral into bad habits used to deaden the pain caused by the breakup exposed in the lyrics is brought to sonic glory by the vocals. The vocal performance scratches an itch at the back of your brain with its rough edge. Through the track, you are pulled in two directions as you spiral further with the narrator, while feeling the tug of understanding that this is not a good coping mechanism.

The lighter tone that opens ‘Fall Away’ brings a reflective vibe to the opening of the track. When the vocals hit, you are thrown into the contemplation of the love once shared that has now been lost. The emotions of this track are like picking at a wound that is just starting to form a scab. The pain is still fresh and is renewed as the lyrics consider the overwhelming love once felt, but there is a feeling of being removed from it at the same time. The guitar bridge is wonderful as it cuts through the emotions of the track and has you tumbling down the melody.

‘Neverwise’ hits the ground running with a heavy push of sound. This track marks the first step in the healing journey as the lyrics acknowledge that they will never go back to their ex. There is a feeling of acceptance in this song woven into a push against the ex-partner and the pain they have caused. The cries of the vocals are powerful as they build up a sense of strength and understanding that they are better off without the other person. You may find yourself shouting out with the vocals on the chorus, as they soar through you and fill you with the energy of the track.

The EP closes with the more alternative rock tones of ‘Lies’. The drums push you into the track while the guitars wrap around you in a familiar embrace. The vocals have a different edge to them as they call out the lies they were subjected to. This track picks up some of the emotional threads of the last and gives another reason why they will never be a couple again. The vocals growl with a touch of aggression at times which is wonderful to listen to. This is most definitely a song you will want to listen to at top volume, so you can call out with the vocals and rock out to the guitar solos.

1 Supernova takes us on a conceptional journey of heartbreak and hitting out at those who cause us pain in Neverafter. The tracks are packed with the best elements of rock as they soar through your senses and send you into spirals of emotions. The vocals scratch against your skin while filling you with pain and leading you to the understanding that you are probably better off without the other person.

Find out more about 1 Supernova on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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