Catalina Skies – Hey (2020)

Catalina Skies tells the tale of lust, passion and desire between two people with some bad timing thrown in with ‘Hey’. Using their usual energetic style, the band will have you dancing to the tale before you even realise what you are doing. The story is tackled with a catchy tempo making it one of those summer songs that you can’t help but enjoy.

The London-based indie-pop band is made up of Craig Surace (vocals, guitar), Chris Macmorland (guitar), Sean Hanrahan (drums) and Liam Priestnall (bass). Together they fuse gritty vocals with unique lyrics and strong harmonies to tell their tales. Through energetic storytelling steeped in rolling drums and infectious guitar riffs, they will get you hooked to their sound.

There is this infectious drum beat with these funky guitar lines at the start of ‘Hey’ that grab your attention. The deep notes resonate through you and get you moving from the very first second. The melody is seriously catchy and works its way into your subconscious to stick around for a long time. There is something about the beat of this single that you can’t get away from. It could be the deep notes or the lighter tones that come later creating an almost airy feeling to the track.

Above all of this is Surace’s vocals which are just as catchy as the melody. His performance makes you want to sing along, particularly on the chorus. Like the melody, the chorus sticks in your head long after you stop listening to the song. Later on the track, when the soaring guitars hit you, his vocals rise above and he shows his power. Throughout the song, you are drawn into the lyrics which use an interesting structure to tell the tale of passion and desire.

Catalina Skies gets you moving to a tale of passion, lust and desire with the utterly catchy ‘Hey’. The vocals are catchy while the melody is infectious. This is a great summer track that will get you dancing to the beat before you can stop yourself.

Find out more about Catalina Skies on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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