Solids – Wait It Out (2016)

Initial reaction, a flashback to my time during high school wagging at the beach with my friends in the 90’s. This track is all over those memories.

‘Wait It Out’ is the latest single from Canadian alt-rockers Solids and has an edgy, grungy warm vibe to it with a cool melody and sexy vocals. Such a satisfying surprise to hear this slow flow today when we’re so heavily congested with bubblegum indie. Solids bring back indie-rock to today’s generation of kids who no nothing about the goodness that is the “music from the 90’s”.

Progressing from their more popular album Blame Confusion, the Montreal locals Xavier Germain-Poitras on guitar and Louis Guillemette on drums transition to a wider, ambitious and more experimental sound. With no bass, it is astounding that these two pack such a punch in their sound!

Solids new EP Else, featuring ‘Wait It Out’ is out on Topshelf/Dine Alone Records this month. As a new fan, I’m sure I’ll have both the single and the new album on repeat.


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