21 Grams More – Wine From Water (2020)

Are you in the mood for a funky song that gets your feet moving? 21 Grams More has just what you need with their single ‘Wine From Water’. Hitting listeners with their blues-rock style, the band infuses soulful emotion into a funky soundscape that grabs hold of you and gets you moving.

This timeless sound comes from Kamal Jackson (vocals), Jeff Nilsen (guitar), Brent Conley (bass) and PJ Drennan (drums). Jackson and Nilsen are ex high-school classmates and started the band as a way to bring some emotion and soul back into rock and roll. Together, they are drawing on traditional sounds and themes for blues-inspired rock that you can’t stop listening to.

‘Wine From Water’ gets you into the groove from the first moment with an engaging opening. The funky tones of the track hit you from all sides and have you getting down to the rhythm before you know what has hit you. You really can’t help but at least tap your feet to the melody. The guitars have a great bluesy vibe to them that swings its way around you. There is a light touch of rock in the melody that adds a little edge to the blues while melding with a dash of funk.

Over the foot-tapping melody is Jackson’s vocals which enhance the blues vibe while throwing in a hint of retro soul. The horns that come in later meld with the flow he has created through his performance for a really infectious single. His performance is packed with emotion, but instead of weighing you down, the emotions bolster you and put a smile on your face.

21 Grams More have you getting down to their funky groove with the blues-rock goodness of ‘Wine From Water’. The track grabs you from the first second and does not let go until the last note. You will be moving or tapping your feet to the beat for the entire track and leave with a smile on your face.

Find out more about 21 Grams More on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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