3Mind Blight – Breaking Down (2020)

Hailing from Tulsa, 3Mind Blight is breaking the mould to carve out his own stylistic niche. His rap-rock style is ever-shifting making him one of the more intriguing artists to come out on the scene in a while. His latest release ‘Breaking Down’ highlights his fluctuations by blending different genres.

The track takes you on a mood journey that is constantly moving and multi-part. The song takes dark twists and is drenched in subtleties and fragility.

‘Breaking Down’ pounds your ears from the first notes with a driving guitar. The bone-crushing instruments drive through you and could become oppressive if they were not used so artfully. Light tones are interspersed in the track to relieve the pressure of the instrumentals and add a little something extra to the track.

From the start of the track, 3Mind Blight’s vocals dexterously swing from rap to smooth rock to screaming. The changes in his performance inject a vibrant fire into the track and could make you think there is more than one vocalist. The energy of the performance highlights the lyrics that talk about confronting personal demons.

3Mind Blight finds the perfect balance between driving energy and aggression in ‘Breaking Down’. The track is full of musical and vocal twists while being a cohesive track that is a joy to listen to. The versatility on display is amazing from the vocal moves between rap and rock to the heavy instruments and light moments.

Find out more about 3Mind Blight on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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