3RITAIN – Endlessly (2020)

Life can often seem intense, complex and insane as we tread the paths of the human condition. 3RITAIN considers this in his single ‘Endlessly’. Through his authentic sound, he works through the pain and challenges of love while navigating the cultural confrontations we face every day. Touching on a range of emotions, he offers an introspection on emotions and experiences.

The multi-instrumentalist behind the music uses his passion for music to create an ocean of mirrored experiences. A former Timbaland protégé, he has spent years mastering his craft for a passionate and soulful sound. Through his music, he reflects on every aspect of life while providing a relatable thread for any listener to hold onto.

‘Endlessly’ has these shuffling beats in the opening that calmly lead you to 3RITAIN’s vocals. There is a slight electronic edge to his vocals, but this does not detract from the smoothness of his voice. His performance has a great flow that slides against your senses. This flow allows the lyrics to hit harder with their profound meaning. Through the lyrics, he dives deep into emotions we all feel and offers a healing salve for the hurts caused by an often callous world. His performance is passionate and you can feel the heart and soul he pours into each word twirl around in your chest.

Beneath his wonderful vocals, is a melody that does not stop. The shuffling notes of the opening are eclipsed by a pulsing high synth line. The beats continue steadily in the lower levels of the melody for a solid foundation. There is something about the melody that is both intimate and expansive. As 3RITAIN moves through the lyrics, the melody bolsters the emotional impact.

3RITAIN delves into the inner workings of the soul and the human condition in the powerful ‘Endlessly’. His vocals highlight the profound messaging of the lyrics while sliding smoothly through you. The melody offers incredible layers that meld into an engaging and unstoppable musical flow.

Find out more about 3RITAIN on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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