A Lone Acacia – Hemispheres (2022)

A Lone Acacia is hypnotising listeners with his debut single ‘Hemispheres’. Genre-defying, the single rises on the back of a piano-driven melody, before dropping you into driving beats. Through all of this, the single invokes gentle imagery that has you relaxing into the soundscape, while soaking up the unique flows of the music.

Bringing elements of rock, electronic and ambient music together, A Lone Acacia is really hitting the ground running with this single. An independent musician, songwriter and producer, he makes use of various instruments only to fuse their sound to electronic tones. Introspective, yet catchy, his sound traverses the nuances of music, while sprinkling the essence of escapism into each note.

The delicate piano line that sparkles through the opening of ‘Hemispheres’ brings a feeling of awakening with it. It is like the sun slowly making its way over the horizon in the morning, to fill the sky with pale colours. There is an almost hypnotic flow to the piano line that has your muscles relaxing and your brain sinking into the sound. The extremely chilled vibes of the piano line have a lapping sense, like waves gently running up the beach, only to retreat, leaving cooled sand in their wake. The deep drums that enter later push you down the soundscape, while the gentle and relaxing tones continue to soothe your soul.

As the single progresses, there is a second piano line that seems to rise from the beats and entwine with the first. While the music relaxes you, there is also this thread that reaches out with a feeling of escapism. The guitar that comes in takes you far away from the present, to a peaceful space where you don’t have to worry about anything. This feeling of being taken somewhere else increases as the immersive vibes of the single take over your senses. The overall serenity of the single lifts a weight off your chest, while soothing the worries that run through your brain, leaving you with nothing but relaxation and peace. Each line of the melody adds to the peacefulness of the track, while releasing the tension you never knew was resting in your muscles. There is no way that you can listen to this single and not feel more relaxed by the end.

A Lone Acacia uses his debut single to fill your senses with serenity as he escapes from the rush of daily life and overwhelms you with chilled vibes in ‘Hemispheres’. The piano line is an organic opening that evokes the sunrise and gentle lapping of the ocean. The deeper beats gently push you forward into the peaceful escapism of the single.

Find out more about A Lone Acacia on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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