Abz Winter – Under Me (2021)

There are many situations in life where we start to question our self-worth and allow others to exert their own control. This is something that Abz Winter has taken and wrapped up into the story of ‘Under Me’. The single dives into relations with the wrong person and the realisation that they are controlling and selfish. Through the music, she leads up to an understanding of self-worth and how freeing this can be.

Written in her bedroom during lockdown, the single continues the upfront and relatable style of her music. A lesson in defiance, she draws on her own experience to create music that is not only catchy but entirely too easy to connect with. Contrasting a rather dark tale with upbeat and light melodics, she has you hooked to an addictive electro-pop beat.

The electronic beats of ‘Under Me’ rise from the depths of the soundscape and hook their claws into your brain. There is an infectious movement to the melody that has you bouncing around to the beats. These beats explode in a shimmer of glitter tones only to pick up again on the chorus. You can’t listen to this track and not want to move to the rhythm. The melody is full-on from the first moment and doesn’t really give you a moment to drift from its hooks. Through all of this, the arrangement brings the darkness of the story of the track before pushing out with power and strength.

As you are moving around to the melody, Winter’s vocals bring a new pulse to the soundscape. When the beats shimmer, her vocals take on a soulful edge that slides like satin across your ears before hitting out on the chorus. The chorus is really catchy and you can’t help but what to shout out along with her. As you ride the movements of the track, the lyrics dive into a toxic relationship only to fill you with the strength that comes with knowing your worth. With the punch of the chorus, she has you riding waves of freedom. Through all of this, her voice has a smirk to it as she lets someone know that she is free of their control with some really powerful vocals.

Abz Winter fills you with strength and the freedom that comes from knowing your worth while getting you moving to her beat in ‘Under Me’. The track is a serious earworm that works its way into your muscles and has you bopping to the beat. Her vocals are powerful on the single as they move from punching to epic melodic flows.

Find out more about Abz Winter on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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