Akso Heart – No More (2021)

The last year has left a lot of people feeling constrained and bound in a way that locks away who they really are. Akso Heart is here to connect with these people through his debut single ‘No More’. Embodying the feelings that have overwhelmed many during lockdown, it plays on feeling controlled and having enough while reaching for a new freedom in an ever-changing world.

Bringing a party vibe to your ears, he twists it to some pop and RnB sensibilities. While he has spent the majority of his life withing in chemistry and medicinal sciences, a trip to Japan changed everything. Dipping into the music scene, he found the spark that ignited his new musical drive and the formation of this project.

‘No More’ draws you into a wonderful melodic richness that is packed with ebbs and flows. The synths pick you up before dropping you into the gentle piano tones before the dance beats get to you. There is a great party feeling to the beats that make you want to move and remind you of parties and pulsing lights. The interplay between the synth tones and the piano notes is wonderful and add a wave feeling to the music that laps against your senses.

Akso Heart’s vocals have a bright feeling that shines out across the melody. At times, his voice is soaked in RnB sensibilities only to swing to a more vocal dance vibe. This movement is complemented by the music while making you want to burst free of the constraints you feel weighing on you. The lyrics enhance this grab for freedom, particularly on the chorus that makes you want to shrug off the control others have. This all dips close to the end of the single for a soaring twinkling feeling that frees your spirit.

Akso Heart packs a lot into his debut single ‘No More’ that ebbs and flows through your senses with a fusion of sounds. As the music picks you up only to drop you back down, his vocals have you reaching for freedom from the shackles that tie you down. All of this has been carefully crafted into a catchy single that has you wanting to move while lifting your spirit.

Find out more about Akso Heart on his website, Instagram and Spotify.

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