Ali Warren – Don’t Mind Me (2020)

After meeting at Westminster University, Ali Warren (vocals, acoustic guitar) and Mike Appleby (electric guitar, everything else) were put into a band together. Since then, they have released two singles and played at festivals including United Islands Festival and Larmer Tree Festival. Their latest release ‘Don’t Mind Me’ is the first off their upcoming album.

The track was intended as a self-portrait about trying to be someone and jumping into that too soon. The song looks at trying to impress other people before you take the time to impress yourself. This is an extremely relatable theme and one that is beautifully portrayed in the song.

‘Don’t Mind Me’ has a gentle guitar opening that sets the folk tone of the track. The gentle notes give way to Warren’s charming vocals. The melody of the track carries you gently through the introspective lyrics and make you really think about what the song has to say.

The lyrics of the track are emotionally charged and this is highlighted by the band’s performance. While the track is overall a soft performance, the lyrics really hit hard when you listen and absorb them. The picture they paint is also easy to imagine because the topic is something most people can relate to.

Ali Warren takes an introspective look at how we try to be someone else and move too fast with ‘Don’t Mind Me’. This folk track is gentle but packs a punch with the lyrics leaving you with an emotional awakening. The emotive lyrics and exploration of vulnerabilities sets the band apart from other acts and makes them one to add to any playlist.

Find out more about Ali Warren on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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