Antisolar – Do We Tremble at Night? (2021)

Watching the news can fill you with an enormous sense of dread, that leaves you feeling a little hopeless. This is something that Antisolar know about, but they are turning these emotions into the drive to make the world better through their single ‘Do We Tremble at Night?’. Through the single, the duo has us considering what we can each do to make the world around us a better place, despite all the seemingly overwhelming challenges we face.

The contemplative tones and soaring declarations of the single were inspired by Olivier Raynal’s feelings while watching the news of a mass shooting. With long-time friend Andrew Doolittle, he turned the emotions and thoughts of the time into an engaging and inspiring single. The duo have been friends for almost two decades and have written music together over the years. Now, they are unleashing their work through this musical project.

‘Do We Tremble at Night?’ gently awakes with a delicate acoustic tone that is like a breath of spring air. The tender tones of the melody are so touching that they hook you into the emotional heart of the track from the first moment. The almost folky tones of the melody warble into a burst of acoustic rock power. The beats seem to push you to new heights as they resonate through your chest. The movement from gentle meadow acoustics to the reaching call of the electric guitar is beautiful. Through the melody, you can feel the fear of the overwhelming challenges we all face, but this is transformed into power for the chorus that fills you with the strength to make the changes we all need.

The powerful movement of the melody is felt through the vocals and taken to new heights. As the tender tones open the soundscape, the vocals have an almost whispered quality that makes you feel like you can’t speak any louder. There is a feeling of nervousness woven into the vocals as they consider the negative emotions we all face. When the chorus hits, there is a defiant feeling to the surge of the vocals. This feeling has a subtle strength to it as it calls out to our souls and tells us that we have to make the world better for a brighter future. The interplay between fear and strength through the verses and chorus, has been wonderfully handled making the single really addictive.

Warning: This video includes images that show both the majesty and the plight of the rhinoceros. Most viewers will likely find some of these images disturbing, but they are included in order to raise awareness.

The recently released music video highlights the sadness, challenges and urges us to do better through some heart-wrenching imagery. There are some distressing images in the video as the majesty and plight of the rhinoceros is brought to life. With the backdrop of this epic track, the music video sends shivers down your spine, while bringing a tear to the eye over the damage we humans do to nature. The power and emotive poignancy are increased exponentially through the video, which is worth the sadness and pain of the imagery.

Antisolar acknowledges the fear and anxiety we feel when facing the challenges of the world, only to fill you with the strength to make the world better in ‘Do We Tremble at Night?’. This is a powerful single that touches your heart as you feel less alone in your fears and supported in your want to make the world a better place. There is no way you can listen to this song and not be touched and affected by the powerful emotions the band infuses into each word and note.

Find out more about Antisolar on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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