Aza Brown – Pure Water (2021)

We all face hardships at some point but they seem to have been coming hard and fast in the last year. Fortunately, Aza Brown is here to offer the encouragement that we all need to overcome the downtrodden feelings we face with ‘Pure Water’. Packed with heartfelt words and an ethereal sheen, the single is the uplifting anthem you didn’t realise you needed so much.

Drawing on his experience in indie pop and rock bands, Brown stirs emotions from the opening strings to the last echoing note that lingers in your brain. After hitting a seriously low point, Brown dug deep and gathered the strength to continue. This has led to the fulfilment of the life-long dream of recording a solo album full of original content and the powerful emotions of this single.

The strings that open ‘Pure Water’ have a light and bright feeling to them like the cresting of the sun over the horizon on a cool morning. The pulses of strings meet the soft beats and horns for an awakening of the senses. The light energy of the melody eases something you don’t realise is tense in your chest. It is also able to lift the stress off your shoulders as you float to the good vibes it brings. The music meets the vocals for an encouraging vibe that makes you feel that there is something good waiting just over the horizon.

Brown’s vocals bring an earthen feeling to the music that grounds you against the swelling of light vibes. His voice is touching as he delivers the heartfelt words of the lyrics with a companionable arm slung over your shoulders. There is an intimacy to his performance like he is sitting next to you as you watch the world wake up and the sun rise. The lightness of the melody enhances the almost ethereal flow of his performance. Together, the melody and vocals lift your spirits and encourage you to face the world with a positive mindset.

Aza Brown lifts you up through the delicate and companionable tones of ‘Pure Water’. The melody is like the awakening of the world in the early moments of dawn. His vocals rest over your shoulders like a life-long friend and pull you close to share the positivity of the track.

Find out more about Aza Brown on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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