Ben Phipps – You Won’t Be Sorry (2021)

There are times when the world and life just seem to be too much and you need some good vibes to help you get through the day. Ben Phipps is here to help with the colourful candy tones of his single ‘You Won’t Be Sorry’. Packed to the brim with good vibes, lust and love, the single will brighten your day with a combination of dance and pop.

The single is the first off Phipps’ upcoming album Picking Up The Pieces which marks a turning point in his story. With intense and gritty lyrics, it also offers a light and uplifting energy. Every colour of life has been captured for the album with this single being only one of the hues.

The light twinkling tones in the opening ‘You Won’t Be Sorry’ get you into a fun vibe from the first second. The melody has a real dance vibe to it with the popping beats that make you want to bounce around. Through the bright energy of the melody, your brain is filled with bursting flashes of colour that lift your spirits. When the chorus hits, the music pulses to life and you are forced to move to it. Honestly, the captivating energy of the beats makes it impossible to not move to them. The deeper tones that thrum in the low levels are wonderful as they shiver through your veins.

As you move to the music, the vocals provided take the energy of the single to another level. The vocal dance vibe of her performance swirls around your body like tendrils of neon lights. At times, there is a delightful delicacy to the vocals before they power through and grabs hold of your muscles to get them moving. The lyrics are really catchy and you might find yourself singing along, particularly on the chorus.

Ben Phipps gets you dancing to an irresistible beat while filling with you flashing of bright light in ‘You Won’t Be Sorry’. The dancing vibe of the music is addictive and will get you grooving to it before you realise it. The vocals are a shining light and take you ever higher with their energy.

Find out more about Ben Phipps on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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