Benjamino – Clutching At Shadows (2020)

Hailing from Wollongong, multi-instrumentalist Ben Cauduro is the man behind Benjamino. The music project Benjamino came to life in late 2019 to showcase his mix of soul, indie pop and funk. His latest release ‘Clutching at Shadows’ follows his previous singles and an enthralling run of live shows with a seven-piece band.

The song is the first offering from his debut EP Open Up The Vault and is all about unrequited friendships. The track looks at the need for people to realise when thoughtfulness and attention to someone are not being returned. If you feel like you are an acquaintance to a close friend, this is the song for you.

‘Clutching at Shadows’ has this great funky beat at the start that gets you into the vibe before Benjamino’s vocals pulls you in. The funky rhythm intertwines with prominent horn lines that float over you. The inclusion of synth in the beat of the song adds a little extra oomph to the very catchy tone that makes you tap your feet without even realising it.

The multi-layered melody is amazing, but Benjamino’s vocals top everything off in spectacular fashion. His voice is a smooth injection in the song that wraps itself around you and gently forces you to listen. While the lyrics don’t get you to sing along, they are captivating and really make you pause to think about them.

Benjamino mixes horn lines, smooth vocals and synth textures in the incredibly enthralling ‘Clutching at Shadows’ to make you tap your feet and think about life. The arrangement of the track is multi-layered, but everything works together perfectly. If you are looking for some hard truths while still having a great listening experience, this is the song for you.

Find out more about Benjamino on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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