Bethan John – You And I Single Review

We are all on a journey to grow as people and this manifests in different ways. Bethan John and her partner, co-writer and producer Damon are no different. Their journey and how they have grown as people and writers is beautifully laid out in her latest release ‘You And I’. The single not only charts their personal tale, but also the exploration of their sound. This results in the soundscape they are looking to move forward with.

The pair started working together in their home studio last year. As their passion for music grew, so did their bond. This has resulted in new music and a happy place being created. It is also a story that John shares with all of us through her music and this single in particular.

‘You and I’ has a very rich start that winds its way around your ears and drags you into the song. The lush melody undulates before giving way to deep beats and light twinkling notes. It is a very catchy melody that builds up and crests in the chorus before flowing over you again. It creates the best foundation for John’s vocals and the story of the lyrics.

John’s vocals are as rich as the melody and have this great melodic tone to them. Her control is wonderful to listen to as her voice rises to high notes and bursts with power. You can also hear the emotions of the story in each word as she draws you into her passion for what she does. Her engaging performance has you singing along before you notice what you are doing.

Bethan John tells a personal tale in the catchy and engaging ‘You And I’. While the song is about her journey, it is relatable and enthralling. The control she exhibits along with the moving melody creates a single that does not stop.

Find out more about Bethan John on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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