Bits of Alan – Blue and Green (2020)

Bits of Alan are returning to their acoustic roots with their latest single ‘Blue and Green’. The first single off their upcoming album Slatland, it harks back to their initial releases. Using an acoustic-driven melody and melodic spoken-word, it sets the stage for what is to come.

Founded in 2014 by singer-songwriter Greg Golbitz, the band consists of multi-instrumentalists Ethan Stauffer, Fred Keller and drummer Jo Venango. Together, they released their debut EP in the same year before their 2017 full-length album moved to a full-band sound. With a return to their original sounds, this single is a wonderful introduction for new fans and a pleasure for current fans.

‘Blue and Green’ opens with a wonderful acoustic guitar that fills you with an easy folk feeling. The strumming guitar forms a flowing foundation for the track while the drums tumble up from the dark. As the single progresses, layers are added to the melody like people joining into a group as you meander down the street. There is a lively feeling to the music that fills you with some upbeat vibes.

While you are getting into the melody, Golbitz enters on his own stream of folky goodness. His voice has a mellow vibe as he hits you with the storytelling lyrics. While his performance has a touch of spoken-word to it, the melodic flow weaves into the melody for a tapestry of sound. The combination of his voice with the music offers a welcoming vibe that brings a sense of comfort and happiness.

Bits of Alan return to their acoustic roots with the upbeat and melodic vibes of ‘Blue and Green’. The melody has an easy feeling like a slow meander down the street. The vocals add to the tapestry woven by the lyrics for a rich soundscape that welcomes you with open arms.

Find out more about Bits of Alan on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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