Blake Anthony Robson – Signal Dilemma (2020)

Blake Anthony Robson is a versatile multi-instrumentalist who writes, records and performs Americana-inspired folk. Since his first album The Monster’s Sleeping he has showcased his ability to create thought-provoking and emotive music across multiple genres. His latest release is ‘Signal Dilemma’, the title track of his forthcoming fifth album.

The new album is an attempt to mix the styles he has explored over the years. The track itself is an amazing single performance with the instruments and vocals all performed by Robson.

‘Signal Dilemma’ opens with a catchy electro melody that appears throughout the song. Along with this, the melody is full of vibrating notes and has a more synth vibe to it than any other style. However, Robson’s vocal performance is a little more indie rock.

Robson provides a powerful vocal performance on the track. The first introduction to his vocals is a smooth injection between synths, but it builds to a more powerful and emotional performance. The lyrics of the track are also powerful and work well with the combination of synths and rock.

Blake Anthony Robson combines different musical styles in the DIY track ‘Signal Dilemma’. The song is an interesting mixture of electronic melodies and indie-rock vocals. His performance on the track is solid and grips you with the build-up of emotions.

Find out more about Blake Anthony Robson on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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