Boom Dice & Charlotte Hannah – Confidence (2020)

Hot off the heels of his last release, Boom Dice has teamed up with vocalist Charlotte Hannah for an ode to self-love. The aptly titled ‘Confidence’ captures that empowering feeling of self-confidence that allows you to unapologetically be yourself. Laying down a bouncing bassline and combining it with a catchy chorus, the single fills you with the power you need to be yourself.

The beats that form the basis of the single were written in 2019 and it has taken over a year to find the right voice for its vibes. When Bryan Wilson, the man behind Boom Dice, was pointed in Hannah’s direction through a recommendation, they knew it was meant to be. Working remotely, the two have created a single that includes everyone in its inspiring messaging.

‘Confidence’ pounds into life with a thick bass line that thrums its what through your head. While this line drops to the base of the melody, it continues to pulse through your senses throughout the single. It makes a reappearance on the chorus where it melds with more dance vibes that really get your body moving. There are some popping sounds that come and go that add a little edge to the melody. Through the music, you get your first boost of confidence.

The vocals continue to pump confidence into your veins even if you don’t feel it at the start of the song. Hannah’s vocals have a sassy edge to them as they dance across the deep beats of the melody. As she works through the lyrics, she fills you with a sense of self-confidence. The dancing vibes of her performance also let you know that you can unapologetically be yourself and you don’t have to worry about what other people think.

The music video for the single captures the vibes of the song really well. Starting with a retro TV set, you are drawn into the video and music. The video has Hannah singing to the camera with some retro vibes through her clothing. The video is not for photosensitive viewers as there are strobe effects that are hard to get through. The dance vibes of the track come through wonderfully in the video.

Boom Dice and Charlotte Hannah are pumping up your self-confidence while getting you dancing to their beat with ‘Confidence’. The melody has this pulsing bass line that hooks you and melds with dance vibes to get you moving. The vocals are light over the melody but have a strength in them that works its way into your veins to pump you up.

Find out more about Boom Dice on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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